djpic2WHO IS DJ.S???Β 

For most in Australia the word DJ is immediately associated with dance or “doof doof” styles of music. DJ.S defies that perception and breaks down barriers as a truly gifted “OPEN FORMAT” DJ. Basically meaning he is not pigeon holed to one style of music and has the ability and musical knowledge to rock any crowd no matter what the style or occasion. A DJ brought up on the OLD SCHOOL DJ FUNDAMENTALS of reading and understanding his crowd, ensuring that heads are constantly boppin’ and the dancefloor remains PEAKHOUR! From Classic Rock to Trap, Reggae to Electro, 50’s Swing to Hip Hop; DJ.S has you covered for all occasions!!!

Β A highly in demand Wedding DJ, he has catered for the weddings and functions of many high profile guests around the Illawarra, South Coast, Greater Sydney and even Overseas. His ablilty to ensure unique and totally customised playlists for his clients sets him apart from the boring old DJ with the same wedding playlist week in week out. Combining elements of old school turntabilism with live remix capabilities of DJ software, he is able to create genuinely epic sets that are at the forefront of DJ evolution. Always looking to push the boundaries in DJ performance and bringing his audiences genuine “wow” factors, has resulted in the move to working with visuals. Thus adding video editing, video remix capabilities and graphic design to his forever expanding skill set. As a mixtape producer and remixer, DJ.S has had his DJ mixes,Β edits and remix downloads pushing well over the 100, 000 mark across numerous social sites. His mixtape work with music of all genres and periods of time have been nominated by his peers and fans as some of the best ever created. He has been awarded Mixcrate.com’s “Pick of the Week” twice, produces guest mixes for numerous radio stations around the world and you may have even already heard a few of his DJ mixes in your favourite retail outlet.